Palm Butter

Let yourself indulge in a unique hair treatment that contains palm as its main ingredient. We present you the exclusive line of products Hair Care System Helena Milanou Choice. It is a unique hair treatment line, which is the result of intensive scientific research, advanced technology and the utilization of beneficial natural ingredients.

Hair Care System Helena Milanou Choice product line has incorporated the latest innovations in the field of cosmetology and offer – for the first time –the unique strength of protection and rebuilding hair, using pure palm oil as its main ingredient. Hair Care System Helena Milanou Choice product line is exclusively available at Helena Milanou hair salons for their clients.


It is a 100% herbal product that utilizes the amazing beneficial properties of palm oil. It makes the hair look healthy, strong and shiny and it offers it in depth hydration, especially when it comes to medium-length hair or long hair. It is applied right before shampooing for 15 minutes on dry hair and along the length of the hair.

For bobbed hair up to the shoulder, we rub two small balls in the size of a hazel-nut in our hands, so that they get warm and melt. Then, we split the hair in locks and we touch gently each lock with our hands in a direction from the roots and mainly to the ends.

75gr at 16, 00€
200gr at 29, 00€